Your reproducible lab report: You can find the template for this lab in your RStudio Cloud space: Lab 3 - Intro the Tidyverse and Functions. Remember all of your code and answers go in this document:

Over the course of the previous labs, you’ve gotten a chance to get your feet with some of the data munging and plotting tools that are in the Tidyverse. The goal of this is to give you a better understanding for what these tools do, and to give you practice using them. A second purpose is to introduce you to writing your own functions in R. This will be important for understanding the simulation lectures and labs, and also will make your R-writing life way smoother and more flexible.

We’re going to be working with some data from Wordbank, an open database of parent-report measures of their children’s vocabularies. The data come from a standardized form called the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventory that researchers in the US and dozens of other countries have been using for over 40 years to study the processes of language learning and their relationship to other aspects of children’s development. The forms consist of a checklist of words that children typically learn at different ages, and parents are asked to indicate which of them their children already know. We’re going to look at data from the English form for older children– you can see what the first page looks like below.